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A reminder about weekly homework. Every night, students are required to read for 20 minutes, and document on their reading log, what book they read, and the appropriate response to the prompt on the log. 
Additionally, we have weekly vocabulary. 
Monday; spell the word 5 times, and write out the definition
Tuesday; spell the word 5 times
Wednesday; spell the word 5 times
Thursday; spell the word 5 times, and write a sentence for each spelling word, using the word in the sentence
Friday, we will have a vocabulary test and the students will; spell the word, define it, and use it in a sentence. 
Every week, you are able to go to my "Useful links" section, and find the link for PlanBook. The vocabulary lists for each class are embedded in Monday for each week. 
Thank you for your help in making your student successful. 
Ms. Ascue

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