Class Information

Welcome to my Class!  My name is Coach Woody and I will be your Careers/Health instructor for this semester.  Careers and Health both encompasses one semester, so there is a lot of information and projects to cover in a short period of time.  
By the end of the semester in Careers class you will have enough information to search colleges and financial information, build a resume, and no where to go to research career profiles, create your plan as well as your freshman schedule.
As with most careers, there is a level of professionalism that is required of you.  The same goes for this class.  There will be days that we will have visitors in our class and I will expect you to be a positive reflection of Westwood Junior High.
          To minimize costs on parents I initiated a share system so that we will have adequate supplies with minimal waste.  Each class member can choose an item(s) that they will bring to be shared as a community within the classroom  A checklist will be provided in the classroom.  All items are approximately the same cost, as to be fair.
Throughout the year we will be introducing speakers into the classroom.  If you or someone you know would be willing to dedicate a day to speak to our students about their career, please feel free to contact me directly at: (or utilizing the link to the left of this page) leaving me a name, contact number, career, and relationship to student  We appreciate all community and parent support.

Daily work is 40% of your grade – this grade will consist of daily assignments as well as journal entries.

Test grades are 60% of your grade – this will consist of test and projects.

Absences – If you are absent it is your responsibility to make up missed assignments.  You will then have as many days as you were absent plus one to complete and turn in the missed assignment.  If you are absent the day something is due, it is to be turned in the day of your return.  Any class time missed due to school activities is not considered an absence, so make sure you check with all of your teachers before you plan to be out to get any assignments that may be due, as they will be due upon your return.  If there are any special circumstances that you are aware of, please come see me (preferably in advance) or contact me ASAP!

Late work – will be accepted with a 10 point deduction for each day that it is late (ie. – if you turn in your work 3 days late there will be a 30 point deduction).

Class Expectations - Respect others and yourself, be prepared, and follow all school rules as outlined in the student handbook.  Class begins when the tardy bell rings, and all students should be seated and starting work as posted in My Big Campus or on the board.  Class is dismissed when the bell rings, but all supplies, notebooks, trash, chairs, etc. should be put in their proper place before exiting the room.