Course Information

Digital Communications

In Digital Communications, it will be our responsibility to tell the story of this school year through a series of images, captions, and stories, and publish these for our students, faculty, parents, and community members using a variety of mediums such as our local newspaper, the Palestine Herald Press, and the school’s website. You will be involved in digital photography, word processing, photo editing, and even web mastering.

 Students in this class need to be organized and have good writing, computer, and people skills.  You will also need to be ahead of what is going on in the classrooms, around the school, and in our community.  In other words, you need a “nose for news”.  You will constantly be on the lookout  for activities, experiments, projects, rewards, speakers, and anything else that tells the rest of the world how proud we are to be a Westwood Junior High Panther!

Technology Applications I

In Tech Apps I we will be learning about keyboarding and digital citizenship.  Learning to type with speed and accuracy is essential to working with computers.  Digital Citizenship are the guidelines for responsible, appropriate behavior regarding technology.   We will also learn to use the productivity software,  PowerPoint, Access, and Excel.  PowerPoint is software developed by Microsoft for slide presentations.  Excel, also developed by Microsoft,   is a spreadsheet application that features calculation and graphing tools.  Finally, Access is used to create databases. A database is an organized collection of data.



  1. Pen/ pencil
  2. Composition book
  3. Tissues OR disinfectant wipes

This class is virtually paperless, but we do use paper and pen occasionally.

       2.  Composition book


"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."--William Butler Yeats