Web Tools 2.0


The following links are to websites that promote collaborative work. Most of these tools are free to sign up for. These are great tools to use when working with a group of people.

www.todaysmeet.com - online chat room with no user logins required.

www.searchteam.com - collaboratively search with group members on a search engine. It allows you to take out unnecessary sites for your research and save places you visited, so your group members can also see where you looked.

www.mind42.com - collaborative mind mapping tool. You can link websites, images, videos, etc. to text and share it with others.

www.bounceapp.com - save screenshots of websites, write and draw on it, and share with others.

www.hackpad.com - a word document that allows multiple people to work in at one time.

www.cosketch.com - a sketch pad tool that allows multiple people to work on at one time.

www.wiggio.com - host virtual meetings, manage events, create to-do lists, poll groups, send email, text and voice messages from your group.

drive.google.com - you can share a large variety of files as well as loads of apps that work with your drive account. Access your files from anywhere with internet access.

The following links are to some Augmented Reality Apps. Augmented reality is
a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. Here are the list of apps:

 Augment - This app requires that you print out a trigger page (this is where the image will project onto). It is FREE and has about 50 to 100 different 3D images that can be projected to your page  http://augmentedev.com/

Aurasma - On this augmented reality it allows you to sync any picture with 3D images or videos. So holding your device up to random objects can trigger this image to appear. Try looking at the back of a $1 and $20 bill.  http://www.aurasma.com/

Anatomy 4D - This app also uses printouts as triggers for the images but as the name would imply relates to anatomy. The printout looks like a regular worksheet handout with information about different body parts. When connecting the image with the app it transforms your page into a 3D image of that body part. http://elements4d.daqri.com/?utm_source=daqri&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=featurebox&utm_campaign=elements_launch

Elements 4D - This is a great tool to help students learn about the elements on the periodic table. You have to print out the block and glue them together. Once they are assembled, when targeting the box it transforms the object into its actual atomic material. https://www.qualcomm.com/products/vuforia/case-studies/anatomy-4d

QUIVER - This is coloring brought to the next level. Print out the coloring sheets from their website. Color the page and then target the image with you Quiver app and the images literally come to life. Some packs cost money to view, but they do have quite a few that are free. http://www.quivervision.com/

Digital Citizenship

The links provided below relate to information we discussed in class about digital citizenship. There will be information and games that coincide with our lessons.

Quiz - This is a quiz to the short video we watched in class. You must do the review at least once and then take the quiz. Once you have finished the quiz, take a screen shot and post it in a word document. Once you have completed this task you may move on to the next step down below.


The website listed below has 3 games, you must play all three of them before repeating any of them. For some reason with you go to this link it gives you and error saying it cannot find the info, delete %20 out of the text and space out the words. The games talk about digital etiquette, proper online posting and cyberbullying:


Here are some more game links on digital citizenship:



These are all games to help you study for the final exam. Have fun and review.

Who Wants to Be A Millionaire - https://www.superteachertools.us/millionaire/millionaire.php?gamefile=22420

Review Game Zone - multiple games (taxi racing, heroic ants, alien intruders, soccer, nothing but net and much more) http://reviewgamezone.com/game.php?id=37678

Old School Arcade Games - multiple games (Pacman, Manic Miner, Asteroids, Pong, Wordshoot and Flashcards) http://www.classtools.net/arcade/201705_e43R3U

Sorting Game - match information to the right trash can http://www.classtools.net/education-games-php/dustbin

Crossword Puzzle - http://www.classtools.net/crossword/201705-UTCF6e

Connect Four - identify 4 things that go together http://www.classtools.net/connect/201705_QaHajH