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Student Council

Class Representative's Responsibilities
  • Attend the Student Council meetings.
  • Represent Westwood Junior High and Westwood ISD.
  • Represent the students in their homeroom class and be their voice during the meetings.
  • Share information from the meetings with their homeroom class.
  • Participate in school activities, such as spirit days, Red Ribbon Week, and Veteran’s Day.
  • Encourage student participation in school activities.
  • Organize and participate in community service.
  • Organize and participate in fundraising.

1. Students must sign up with the sponsor and be approved by the faculty before being placed on the ballot. 

2. Officers for Student Council will be as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian, and Public Relations. 

3. Only 8th grade students are eligible to be an officer. Those students wishing to run for an office may get their names on the ballot by presenting a petition signed by not less than 25 students to the sponsor, and being approved by the faculty. 

4. The 7th grade student body will elect the officers for the Student Council for the following year in the spring. 

5. Each 7th and 8th homeroom class will also nominate a class representative.  Students that are nominated must be approved by the faculty.




Officer Qualifications

1. All officers/representatives of the Student Council must have and maintain an average of 80 or above. A student falling below this will be placed on probation for a six-week period. A representative must maintain an “A” in conduct at all times. 

2. Any officer/representative suspended from school or assigned to ISS for any length of time will be permanently dismissed from the Student Council. 

3. If an officer/representative receives more than 3 unexcused absences per term, they will be dismissed. 

4. If a member receives detention or punishment for any reason, more than 3 times in one semester, they will be dismissed. 

5. All officers/representatives must attend the scheduled meetings. An officer with 2 unexcused absences from meetings will lose his/her office. If another unexcused absence from a meeting occurs, he/she will be dismissed. A representative with 3 unexcused absences from meetings will be dismissed.




STUCO Sponsor
Mrs. Allen
Vice President: 
Public Relations: 
Upcoming Events